Our product quality policy is : Cleaness, Comfort, Beauty and Customer satisfaction.

With the spirit of innovation, our R & D team is developing new generation of lens and lens processing technology in order to provide consumers with value-added contact lenses.

Employing our proprietary process technology, coupled with unique lubricants, consumers can enjoy long-lasting comfort while wearing our lenses without the sensation of a lens on eye.

Clear vision and high product quality, not only providing consumers with beauty, but also caring about consumers health. Customer satisfaction is our number one goal.

Quality control system- AOI (Automatic Optic Inspection)

  • Fully in Line A.O.I. (Automatic Optic Inspection)

-Implemented on DRY lenses lines and Wet lenses lines during production process.

-100% inspection for the defect of lenses, solution, and adhesion in Blister package.

  • All of the A.O.I. inspection systems are designed and  developed by Pegavision.
  • The system is flexible and complied with all Pegavision production equipment.