Introduction of PEGAVISION

Pegavision was founded in 2009. It is a joint venture of Pegatron Corporation and Kinsus Corporation. The major business of this company is manufacturing and sales of soft contact lenses and other ophthalmic medical devices.

The company has a brilliant technical and management team, with the management philosophy of brightening vision for consumers. It is pursuing enterprise growth by moving from high tech 3C electronic industry to advanced medical devices.

The company has a first class equipment design team. This team developed an advanced, fully automated production line from the feed of raw materials to the fully processed contact lenses. The core manufacturing process is controlled by computer servers, allowing the company to make product with consistent good quality.

Continuing the R & D capabilities of Pegatron and following the corporate vision of brightening your view, Pegavision provides consumers with highly value-added ophthalmic products through the efforts of innovative materials R & D, precise optical design, fully automated production system and high quality control capability.

Certificates Secured: ISO13485, Taiwan GMP (Good manufacturing practice), Japan FMA (Foreign manufacturer accreditation), United Sates FDA and European CE Mark for Disposable Soft Contact Lenses.

Parent Company - Pegatron Corp.

Pegatron leads customers in navigating the future by identifying trends and designing for a brighter tomorrow.

Pegatron is a Taiwan-based leading DMS (Design and Manufacturing Service) company with extensive experience in product development and vertically integrated capabilities.

With equity of US$2.7 billion, Pegatron is a market leader in developing diversified product lines covering motherboards, desktop PCs, notebooks, broadband, wireless systems, game consoles, networking, PBX, multimedia, LCD TV, and more.

Pegatron distinguishes itself on the basis of a well-diversified product portfolio, abundant design experience, flexible manufacturing capabilities, and reliable after-sale services.


Parent Company - Kinsus Corp.

Kinsus Corporation was established in September 2000. Its headquarters is located in Shin-Wu Township, Taoyuan County. It owns four manufacturing plants including Shih-Lei, Tsing-hwa one, Tsing-hwa two, and YangMei.



Dec. 2003 Approved as "Representative business, product, or technology development in Technical Market", by Taiwan Industrial Bureau.
Jun.  2005 Ranked 10th of “National Award of Export Trading ”in Taiwan.
May  2005 The 19th most profitable company in Taiwan, ranked by Common Wealth Magazine.
Jul.   2006 The 89th out of 100 best Technology companies in Taiwan, ranked by Digital Time Magazine.
Nov. 2006 The 131st best corporation in Asia, ranked by Business Week Asia Magazine.
May  2007 The 19th most profitable company in Taiwan, the 48th most profitable and the 44th growth company in Great China Area, ranked by Common Wealth Magazine.