Pegavision engaged in the manufacture disposable contact lenses, sales of not only the direction of the development of foundry services from around the world to create their own brand and expand Taiwan direct store marketing channels, the company has maintained the spirit of innovation, continue to develop a new generation of soft contact the glasses use of materials and production equipment, the best quality to meet consumers. In this respect, the company a deep understanding of product development, processing activities and equipment operating, environmental protection and employee safety is the first priority of the company target. To ensure the company towards sustainable management idea, in addition to the establishment of ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 EHS system, with the principle of service should comply with environmental laws and regulations, and provide all employees a safe and hygienic working environment to achieve real zero risks safety culture.

To achieve the above commitments, the Company will implement the following policies

  1. Regulatory compliance and disasters prevention.
  2. Pollution prevention and full participation.
  3. Periodic audits and continuous improvement.
  4. Corporate responsibility and sustainable development.